Product benefits:

Aluminium surface-mounted/recessed profile

With clear or opal cover

Product characteristics:

Profile for combination with Versa lights

To increase the luminance, install 2 Versa Inside lights beside each other

Suitable for connectors inside profile (with 1 Versa only)

Can be combined with ChannelLine sensor

Application: Furniture edges

Article Clear cover Opal cover
Aluminium / plastic profile 2000mm 55 662 11 55 662 01
Aluminium / plastic profile 2000mm (10 units per set) 55 662 15 55 662 05
Aluminium / plastic profile 3000mm 55 662 12 55 662 02
Aluminium / plastic profile 3000mm (10 units per set) 55 662 16 55 662 06
End cap (2 units per set) 25 570 01 25 570 01

Recommended for:
Versa Inside 60 /90 / 120 / 120 HP

  • Application image shows ChannelLine D with Versa Inside 90
  • LED ballasts and LED lights must be ordered separately
  • Sales unit: 1


Tips & tricks.

Using lux and lumen values to select the right product

If you are searching for functional lighting with a certain level of illumination, you can easily see whether a product has the correct degree of brightness by reading the lux values on the lighting diagram. This also allows you to compare different lights. The luminous flux or light output of a lamp does not provide any information on the level of illumination. It is suitable only for selecting lights for systems where lamps are replaceable, which is for instance the case with T5 LiteLine lights

Extending LED supply leads

Supply leads cannot be infinitely extended. Firstly, unwanted EMC effects might occur (causing interference with electronic systems); secondly, ballasts might be overloaded or the light output of the lamp might be significantly reduced.

Our lights based on 12 V DC

are supplied with a mini M1 LED plug and may be generally extended by 2 extension leads of 1.8 m each in addition to the fitted supply lead.

Our lights based on 24 V DC

are supplied with a MP2 multi-plug and may be generally extended by 2 extension leads of 1.8 m each in addition to the fitted supply lead.