Product benefits:

Control of up to 5 lighting circuits (5 receivers) with 1 remote control

1 receiver can be combined with up to 5 remote controls

Continuous adjustment of light colour from cool white to warm white

Product characteristics:

Dimming function

Storage of up to 4 light scenes

Memory function for power failure


Switching and dimming of MultiWhite furniture lights

For impressive lighting effects in furniture


ArticleOrder No.
S – Mitter MultiWhite wireless kit30 773 01
MultiWhite transmitter30 774 01


Can be used with:LED lights
Surface finish:Black
Plug connection IN:M1
Plug connector OUT:M1
Switching voltage:12 V DC
Switching power:max.36 W
Test marks and symbols: c 3 MM
Supply lead:160 mm
Switching lead:160 mm
Standby:< 0,3 W


  • Kit consists of S-Mitter receiver and S-Mitter hand-held wireless transmitter
  • AppMitter for control from smartphone


Halemeier is a specialist manufacturer of lighting technology for furniture and shops

Based in Melle-Neuenkirchen, some 70 employees develop and manufacture lighting elements for the furniture industry and other sectors. Halemeier’s product range includes linear and spot lights, special lights as well as switching technology, electronic ballasts, leads and electronics for furniture. Halemeier belongs to the Hettich group of companies – one of the world’s largest manufacturers of furniture fittings.

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